What are porcelain veneers?

Veneers are very thin porcelain shells that are custom made and permanently bonded to the front surface of each involved tooth. Veneers are strong and natural-looking that many dentists consider the techniques “cloned enamel”. This durability and natural beauty has caused a revolution in cosmetic dentistry.

What can porcelain veneers do for my smile?

Porcelain veneers are often used to change the colour of dark and stained teeth. Veneers can also close gaps and spaces, brighten one tooth or entire smiles, block out stains and even correct uneven, chipped or worn teeth. Crowded and rotated teeth can also be perfected. In many cases certain undersized teeth can be made larger and lengthened as well.

How long will veneers last? Do veneers require special care?

Clinical experience has shown that veneers will look beautiful and natural for years, and in many ways veneers are stronger than tooth enamel. Porcelain is hard, non-porous and will not stain or wear with normal tooth brushing. Patients with veneers do not have to change normal eating habits.

There will be a period of adjustments for approximately a week or two after the veneers are placed as you get used to your new teeth. Maintenance involves brushing and flossing daily.

Why is it that porcelain veneers look so natural?

Veneers look more natural than any other kind of restoration. Many dentists mistake a veneered tooth for a natural tooth. The porcelain reflects light from within, as does natural enamel and the colour and shape is designed by esthetics experts to look exactly like a natural tooth.

It usually takes two appointments to veneer teeth. Adjustments may be made to the involved teeth during the first appointment. After an impression is taken, your custom made veneers can be made to the new colour and shape desired. The veneers are then permanently bonded to your teeth during the second appointment.

Feel free to ask questions and request to see a porcelain veneer sample on your next visit.